T H E   M I N I   B A M B O O  P R O D U C T  G U I D E

Bamboo is awesome, plain and simple!
Below I will tell you exactly why and how it will
benefit you and your home.

Many consumers are learning about the benefits of natural materials and have already made the switch to bamboo bedding such as bamboo bed sheets and memory foam bamboo pillows . Since the market is filled with different types of materials, it can be difficult to separate the good from the bad. 

A large percentage of the available materials are manmade and contain a number of unhealthy chemicals. For quite some time, cotton has been a very popular material, but as consumers find out about bamboo, cotton isn’t nearly as popular as it used to be. 

What Makes Bamboo So Special?

Bamboo is a sought after material because it grows quickly. It’s a renewable resource and requires only a third of the water needed for cotton. Unlike many other resources, bamboo doesn’t have natural pests, which almost completely eliminates the need for pesticides. 

Cotton requires large amounts of herbicides and pesticides, which help to maintain growth. A typical bamboo plantation can be replanted every year, and it will stay organic. 

Natural Fibers

The world is filled with materials that can be converted into natural fibers, and bamboo is one of these materials. Some other natural materials come from animals. 

Almost any material that is made from natural fibers serves as an excellent choice for towels, bedding and clothing. Although bamboo is a popular choice, another top choice is wool. 

Bamboo Viscose Materials

For quite some time, organic cotton has been one of the top materials for bedding, but recently, bamboo has gained immense popularity, and it threatens to knock cotton off of its popularity throne.

When compared with wood species, bamboo grows much faster, and its natural properties automatically repel bacteria and moisture. Bedding made from bamboo viscose feels buttery smooth, and it has a texture that is similar to some of the finest silk available. 

The natural wicking properties of bamboo quickly absorb moisture and can keep you feeling dry. Bamboo bed linens deliver a comfortable, breathable and smooth experience. 

Bamboo Vs Cotton

The benefits of bamboo are well-documented, but many government agencies have been trying to silence the research and prevent bamboo from rising to the top. 

Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly plants on the planet, and due to the natural benefits that it has to offer, bamboo is becoming extremely popular among consumers. 

The cotton industry is an environmental monster, and some of the biggest players in the industry are angry because the growing popularity of bamboo threatens the entire industry. The United States government has classified bamboo as rayon, which is a term used to describe a manmade fabric. 

Despite the fact that bamboo isn’t classified as a synthetic material, certain organizations are keeping it within the category that is between synthetic and natural fibers. 

According to the FTC, many bamboo products don’t retain the original characteristics of the plant, but there are several studies that claim the opposite is true. 

It’s possible that the FTC is trying to protect subsidized cotton farmers, and to accomplish this goal, they’ve decided to place bamboo in a category that doesn’t represent its natural properties. 

The Truth About Bamboo

Many studies have proven the anti-bacterial properties of bamboo fabric, but surprisingly, academic circles haven’t had time to investigate the studies. 

Several studies have shown that bamboo rayon fabric is capable of resisting some of the worst bacteria out there, but researchers aren’t sure of the exact level of protection offered by the fabric. 

The superior qualities of bamboo bedding make it an excellent choice, but it’s also important to focus on the processing used for growing and harvesting bamboo. When it comes to water consumption, cotton is known as one of the thirstiest crops on the planet. 

Massive amounts of water are needed for the growth and production of cotton. During every step of the process for cotton processing, an enormous amount of wastewater is created, which contains harmful chemicals. All cotton uses only three percent of the planet’s farmland, but it requires nearly 25 percent of all pesticides used for crops. 

These numbers only represent the growth phase and prove the fact that bamboo is much friendlier for the environment. During the growth process, bamboo plants don’t require any herbicides or pesticides, and they also don’t need irrigation. 

When compared with the alternatives, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. There are some species of bamboo that can grow a full meter in one day. 

Bamboo is a versatile crop and requires only a third of the water needed for cotton. It also releases 33 percent more oxygen into the environment. 

How Bamboo Bedding Can Change Your Life

Bedding that is made from bamboo can change your life in many different ways. Since it’s a durable, resilient material, it can withstand the daily abuse that beds must endure. When compared with alternative materials, bamboo is much softer and feels like cashmere or silk. 

It’s also an eco-friendly resource, and the manufacturing process doesn’t require harmful chemicals. Unlike cotton, bamboo bedding is breathable, absorbent and UV reflective.

Bamboo is naturally porous, so it’s very effective at regulating body temperature. It offers great ventilation and wicking properties, and it can even help to block odors. Strong bamboo material doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and offers hypoallergenic properties. 

Over time, body odor can accumulate on bedding items, and it can require frequent washing of the materials. Since bamboo naturally resists odor, it serves as a low-maintenance bedding choice. 

The exterior of bamboo stalk is tough, but the interior is soft and porous. These characteristics results in fabric that is strong, breathable and absorbent. 

Bamboo is just as comfortable in the summer as it is during winter. When compared to cotton, bamboo material wins in almost every way possible. If you haven’t been able to decide on a bedding material, it should be easy to see that bamboo is the clear winner.

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